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It is important that during the recording the space is free from customers, visitors or occupants.
Sphereshot guarantees a fast production of showcases that are easy to share through your website, social media or app.

  1. You schedule an appointment
  2. We come and record the property
  3. We process the production
  4. Within days we email you the showcase
  5. Press, play and share
  6. Enjoy the simplicity of immersion

Real Estate

The easiest way to walk people through a property

Our recordings provide a mix of authenticity and creativity. The combination of a fast and simple technique can really give your property an exposure boost. Furthermore, our high-quality 3D visualizations are extremely easy to distribute across all marketing channels.

  • More efficient sales cycle
  • Online marketing boost
  • Immersive 3D viewings
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Real Estate


Remarkable first impressions

Challenge the status quo and engage guests before they leave home. We give your visitors a safe and compelling sense of what they can expect and trigger them even more to book your hotel, restaurant, or venue.

  • Satisfy guest expectations
  • Create the best online experience
  • Boost reservations
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Rapid and reliable 360° analysis

“Walk through” damaged properties like you are on location. Its just a click on our showcase. The accurate and indelible 360° diagnosis allows you to keep a clear and concise state of the property at the time of capturing.

  • Rapid and high quality service
  • Accurate 360° visualization
  • Large area diagnostics
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An immersive way of collaborating

Keep all stakeholders satisfied by sharing up-to-date visualizations of the project. This innovation goes hand in hand with improvements in the cooperation between all stakeholders; for the people on the construction site and the ones at the office.

  • Remote collaboration and project status
  • Quickly make informative decisions
  • Create backups to optimize the building process
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An added layer of the customer experience

Turn the store into a digital showroom and increase your exposure, the products and the brand. Our online showcases enable customers to view your latest collections and check out the ambiance, anytime…. from anywhere.

  • Immersive customer engagement
  • Online showroom
  • Effective digital marketing
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